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Chris is an illustrator and printmaker. He creates fine-art limited-edition silkscreen prints at his home studio in Northeast LA depicting a range of Southern California-inspired imagery, from botanical prints to architecture.

And while SoCal provides an endless source of visual inspiration for Chris to depict, it's the art of silkscreen printing that drives him to create. Through this process Chris is able to marry the digital creation of his work with a century-old medium.

This labor-intensive art form involves laying down one layer of colored ink at a time onto paper using a stenciled silkscreen mesh. The restrictive nature of this process perfectly aligns with the way Chris chooses to depict the graphic qualities of the world we live in. Silkscreen printing inherently requires him to distill visual information into more simplified forms through the use of limited color palettes and graphic shapes. And because each print is hand-pulled, individual prints within a larger edition have unique variations that give every silkscreen print a life of its own.

In addition to printmaking, Chris also illustrates children's books. His latest book, "National Parks of the USA” explores the landscapes, plants and animals of our nation's National Park System.